About Us

What 'Beautiful.Tips' is About?

As a human being, you have the privilege of enjoying aesthetics and beauty. Unlike for other species living on this planet,our life is not restricted to survival and reproduction. We have been blessed with the grace of the Almighty to enjoy beautiful things, lovely moments, and subtle joys that life brings to us. We are also blessed because we cannot just experience but also create beautiful things which could be in the form of poetry, a piece of art, and music, etc. But we can experience the beautiful nature of life only if we keep our mind open and free of prejudices and false pride. So, if we want to work towards experiencing a beautiful life, we essentially need to work towards creating a beautiful mind.  

Beautiful.tips aspires to help you connect with beautiful things in life. Here you and I will share stories, pictures, and experiences that will help all of us reconnect to the belief that life is beautiful. You can also share tips of personality development and self-improvement,so members of the group can benefit from your experience and grow towards becoming a better, happier, and more beautiful human being.

So, feel free to share your experience, wisdom, and understanding of life is beautiful. Great stories will be published on this website and due credit will be given to the contributing authors.