ere is the super collection of beauty quotes which have been selected after much brainstorming over the subject. Hope you will enjoy reading them!

Black is the beauty you’ll never find in any color.

While appreciating all the colours around us, we often forget that the beauty lies in the black. The world always has been little skeptical when it comes to calling beautiful or adoring the black or sometimes, we call it inauspicious too. Black carries its own charisma around the universe.

Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.

The older generation often refers to the sayings like” pretty face is nothing, but a pretty heart is everything”. The inner beauty can be a

good behaviour, helpful nature, nurturing the world or simply an ability to make someone smile. These small things can make human way beautiful than a fair skin or pretty eyes.

In a world full of trends, I want to remain classic.

The world is constantly changing and with every change or new trend people tend to change themselves or try to fit in the new era. However, with this person forgets the roots or originality or how special he or she is in himself or herself. The trends can come and go, but the uniqueness of being oneself is always stays classic.

Let us live for the beauty of own reality.

Beauty is something very personal and have different meaning for everyone, but the world has defined certain criteria of beauty. Every then and now, you will find a new standard of beauty which outcast those who doesn’t fit in and makes them feel inferior or question their self-worth. Accepting a person how he or she is the more realistic beauty bar we can ever have.

Beauty is illumination of your soul.

The inner beauty will reflect through your behaviours, your speech, your opinions, your morals and most importantly through your personality. When you focus on nourishing your soul and try to heal it, the more you will glow.

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection

In the world full of perfection, let your imperfections shine through. Accepting the flows of own beauty, which may or may not meet with the standards of perfections, can be a very intimidating experience. Be the imperfectly and unapologetically beautiful.

Beauty is whatever gives joy.

We associate beauty with the looks and personality and forgets that whatever brings you the happiness is beautiful, let it be a person or thing. Iit can also be said that when you do things which makes you happy can deeply affect the beauty you carry. The heart that’s happy glows different.

Life is full of beauty, notice it.

When we talk about beauty, we somehow sum up it with ones inner or outer beauty. However, there is not enough description about how one should look at the life with the beauty or how someone should start noticing the beauty of the life. When you focus on, the life turns on beautiful tracks.

Everything has beauty, not everyone sees it.

The beauty is one’s perception. When one finds that mindset which finds the beauty in every aspect of the life, the person learns the way of living the life. However, not everyone has that eye for finding the joy and beauty which often turn into misery as they tend to find ugliness into everything. 

There is beauty in simplicity

The world is full of glitter and it’s such a vibrant energy, however, you can not underestimate the calmness which comes from the simplicity. The simplicity is all about the peace, soothing vibes, grounding and often lets you enjoy the true essence of the life.

Beauty is being the best version of yourself inside and out.

The real beauty is in being you or you can say is in owning the truth of yourself. When you nourish your inner being and your soul, you turn into beauty. Being the best version of how you look or how you want to present yourself or how you behave is the ultimate beauty of yourself.

Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!

Sometimes beauty isn’t about getting new things or following the trends. It’s just about the nurturing what you have, it can be sharpening your skills, supporting the surrounding and making the world the better place by giving the efforts needed.

The sensitivity is true beauty

Being sensitive is not being weak, being sensitive is developing an eye for the beauty. When you allow yourself to be sensitive towards things or people, you allow yourself to feel everything in depth. Those feelings will nurture your soul and make your life and you beautiful.

Only when you are willing to look at the horror of who you are, the beauty of who you are can be nurtured.

Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with the reality of who we are that it gets really hard for one to accept the flow of their own soul. When you understand all your negative aspects and do have will to work on them, to heal the traumas or unlearn the chaos around you, that’s when your real beauty shines through.

Integrity reveals the beauty.

People are so lost in the texture of skin or pigmentation or in being sexiest that they often forget that the real beauty is in one’s nature. The loyalty or the integrity one carry for their country, job, humanity or family is way beautiful that any skin colour or any beauty standard.

Beauty is fragile gift.

There is nothing which is permanent in the world, so the beauty. Be it the beauty of the skin or beauty of materialistic world or beauty world, everything eventually comes to the end where one has to move forward and find the new beautiful meanings of the life.

Beauty is promise of happiness

Happiness is paramount for the life. Humans are taught to find the happiness in the beautiful things and hence they are miserable when

any kind of beautification fails. The happiness should be the ground on which you can promise to create the beauty by building the life and helping others in their life or dreams.

Love builds on the beauty, soon as the beauty, dies.

When someone falls for the outer shimmer of things or people without having any deep connection or affection for them, the love fades out as soon as the beauty of the things fades away. The love that is dependent on how something looks or how beautiful it is, isn’t the love.

If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it.

Most of the time we are afraid of doing things due to many reasons and hence it makes one feel suppressed or demotivated. This quote tells you to break all the barriers and do the things which makes you beautiful from within and out. Define the beauty by your deeds.

Let the beauty of nature remind you the goodness of gods.

The nature is the supernatural beauty which reminds us the power of the gods. Let that beauty sink into your heart and let the nature heal you from within. The ultimate beauty of nay human is to synchronize with the elements of the nature and divinity of it.

These were the collection of amazing quotes. Hope you enjoyed feeling them! Thanks for reading!!

Oct 16, 2021

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