hile growing up, there is a question which is constant for all of us, what you want to become which turns out to be what you want to do with your life as we get adults. This is normal in any corner of the world.

With the question, few presumptions or expectations of the family come such as ‘we are a family of an engineer so you should become one’. However, this often creates a burden on the kid’s mind and end up at the behaviour issues.

Also, the freedom of thinking about what you want in life comes in the later stages of life when you have much-needed experience and independence. As you gain enough maturity to analyze the life choices you can make. There is no plan A or B for the life or you can’t have a blueprint in your hand, all you can do is to make maximum out of situations so that you can have content life.

What I should do in life comes very later in your mind, before that you need to find an answer to who are you? The self-knowledge is the key to the various questions arising through life. Again, this leads to new questions, what is the best method to know who am I? There are plenty of tricks and tips available to know you through others eyes but to know your worth.

Why self-awareness is important?

Before knowing who you are, you need to know why you are doing this. Being aware of yourself means accepting the flows, being resistant to the facts and observing your day to day life. You will come to know about your strengths, weakness and beliefs and much more. All these can help you in being a better person as it results into following.

Joy - knowing you lead to knowing about your joys and sorrows. Also, when you know who you are, you know how to express yourself and the one who expresses is always a cheerful person.

Peace with self - the one who is aware of his behaviour is also the one who knows how to resolve own behavioural issues. When you know how to calm down your insecurities or self conflicts, you won the half race there.

Known limits - most of the time problem takes place because you don’t know your limitations. Also, when you are aware of your bars, its easy task for you to put yourself in the self-control situations like habits, conversations or diet.

Handling social pressure - when you have clarity about yourself, you can deal with the social pressure with much-needed wisdom.

Being Better human - when we learn to understand our selves, we tend to develop the understanding towards others too. Being empathic can only happen when you understand the journey of others.

Reason to stay alive - self-knowledge leads to the liveliness. When you know your proposes and how precious life is you make constant efforts to feel alive.

When you have sufficient self-knowledge of yourself, then you can find out the answer to what I should do with my life.

Here are few best suggestions that can answer your question - What should you do with your life?

Learn, study, apply

Life is a never-ending process of learning and its beginnings to the day we take our first breath. The life lessons start with how to chew to how to not screw up life and what not! It slowly makes its way to the educational aspect of life until either you finish it or manage to escape it.

Though studying anything, not just education, anything in life can add in pressure, which leads us to the frustration and often depression when it turns out to be a failure. But we often forget that even failure brings bigger lessons and prepares you for the life you have asked. These failures and winning lessons are beyond education and extra curriculum activities.

As humans, we often sideline the importance of study and have a tendency to give up as soon as complications hits. Don’t give up! Wherever you are, whatever you are studying just put your soul into it and nails it regardless of obstacles.

All those learnings will leave you with some kind of experience and applying those in life will give you an opportunity in both professional as well as personal life.

Follow your Heart and Do what you love

We all are running into an invisible race where you are always trying to get materialistic awards and that is need of life in need. But we often get trapped into the web of unrealistic goals or jobs where we do feel stuck and it impacts both in mind and life.

If your work or profession choice isn’t making you happier at the end of the day than it’s just the source of income for you and not a happy experience. Start analyzing what kind of work you love and you won’t feel it tedious anymore. If you are not able to find out what drives you towards the peace, experiment and find out the career which will bring you bread and happiness both.

Being stuck into the work or work routines which you don’t appreciate by heart will negatively affect your work performance. Also, try inventing new routines or try taking a break to reinvent your passion.

Smile! (In any situation)

We all run after the peace, contentment and happiness, but forget the key to it i.e. Smile. While living day to day life we often forget to cherish small things and being happy or having a big smile on the face is one of them.

Start your day with a big smile on the face, smile at your reflections, smile when at those strangers, smile to those who serve you on a daily basis, and you will be mesmerized by the generosity of the world. Studies have also proven that even a fake smile can improve your mood and help you in getting a better mood. Keep in mind, courageous are those who smile through the pains.

Forgive but don’t forget (Learn from experiences with people)

There are plenty of people we crossroad during our lifetime and it’s not necessary that everyone has brought good intentions or energy to you. Life will give you both positive and negative experiences where you need to learn lessons in order to move on. Also, whenever something negative happens, don’t let it sink into your heart and keep churning on the same because life is too short to hold grudges. Leave the past behind and carve the new way towards the future.

Also,as much as it is important to let go of the hurt, it is equally important to understand and keep the lessons. Those events or incidents which tune upside down your life should be taken in count throughout the life to be precautions in the future.

Cherish the changes (They are always for good)

The very nature of life is the transition! You will keep moving forward in life from one phase to another and sometimes the transitions can be scary. There will be a time of confusions, pain, humiliations or you will feel that maybe you lost the battle, but, be strong-hearted. There is a silver lining at the end of the dark tunnel and hopes are immortal.

All these changes will shape up your tomorrow, so consider going on with the flow, be ready to embrace it because resistance makes things difficult. Remember change is inevitable, your life, technology, people, places everything will be changed once in a while. When you cherish the change, it becomes a part of our life!

There can be numerous answers to the ‘what should I do with my life?’ and the answer is “live It!’ the way you want, the way you desired or the way you have planned. Keep your heart open to the world and let it sink to the experiences you chose to embrace. There will be limitations, things that will hold you back to living the life at fullest, but keep in mind that it’s your life. You are not meant to live the life that makes you feel bad at the end of the day or let you have regrets about not taking the chance. Also, life is not perfect if it lacks self-love so makes sure that you are respecting yourself and giving the round of applause on each achievement.


Life is short and uncertain; you never know what destiny holds for very next moment. There will be ups and downs, problems and anxiety, but keep in mind that life is beyond those hustles. Don’t forget to feel alive, look at the sunsets, feel the drops of the rain, smile with the sunshine and cherish the smell of the food. There will be problems, but you will learn to overcome them.

Has a vision for life, make goals and fulfill them. Create the milestones in life and get them one by one. Count on all those small achievements and celebrate milestones.

Life is in the moments so appreciate each moment and live through it. Take charge of your life and do the things as per your wish. It is a sign of good human beings that you consider other’s opinions in 7our life, but keeps in mind that you can’t live a life based on others priorities or decision, be selfish when it’s needed.

Keep the essence of being alive very basic, practice mindfulness! Pray, be kind, be a nurturer of soul, look forward to spirituality and peace. Be alive, not only in the body, but also by heart, mind and soul!

Apr 27, 2020

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