he corona has changed lives drastically in the last months and the whole world is either in self-isolation or quarantine. While the four walls are giving us a sense of security, but the constant increase in the number of the patients, shortage of food and terror around the world is affecting each mind. There is always another side of the coin so does of this whole quarantine situation.  Mother Nature has taught us some of the best life lessons through the corona pandemic.

1. Everything is temporary

While rushing towards the goals and in ambitions to have the best lifestyle, we all somewhere forget that life is temporary and we cannot control it. This whole quarantine has given us much-needed break to look through life and live some real-life moments and cherish it wholeheartedly.

2. Heath is real wealth

We all care about health, but never have we ever made the health priority. The best quarantine lesson is to keep yourself healthy. The quarantine has taught us that we can be fine without those every weekend booze and extra partying nights. The fear of getting sick has made us more attentive towards what we put in our bodies.  Small yoga sessions, home workout videos and hygiene are new health trends again.

3. Family over everything

In the race of life, we hardly had time to realize the worth of being loved and be nurtured. The quarantine has locked us within four walls of the home, but unlocked the treasure of happy family times. Though the stress is at every level, but in crucial time, the family is the backbone and much needed emotional support anyone needed. At the end of the day, family comes first!

4. Learn home chores

The basic life skills do include learning how to cook, clean and take care of the home. While the modern world, serves food to home cleaning services at home on click, the quarantine has taken us back to a time when we can educate ourselves with daily basic chores. By the end of this pandemic, we all will be more independent and values those service providers better.

5. Essential work is quite essential

When we look at life from our happy bubble, we often tend to forget how essential services are essential. The pandemic has taught us the most important services any nation will require are medical, ground workers such as cleaners, and food chain, suppliers.  These are some of the lowest income jobs in many countries which are serving countries in the crisis time. It’s high time to level up the ground job worker’s payments.

6. Self-love- the need of the hour

We learn self-love throughout life and it never ends. But the quarantine has taught us the new meaning of self-love. While seeing how both mental and physical health is fragile and things can turn in a snap, it’s time to be nurturer not just for the self but for others also. Detoxify the toxic people, things and heal, so that when quarantine ends, you are better than best.

7. Finding peace in the passion

We all have left some dreams of life to live the lives defined by society or any other reasons.  Quarantine has turned our heads to those left out passions and given us enough time to work on the same. No matter how small that dream was, make it you happy quarantine lesson and celebrate it!

8. Accept whatever comes in the way, comes in the way

Quarantine is teaching us to let go of the resistance and bow to acceptance. Whatever is happening in the whole world as well in our homes were unexpected and the sole key was adhering to it was mere acceptance!  The situation has taught one of the biggest life and spiritual lesson in the days.

9. Art is saviour

When human fails, art save him! We all are somewhere constantly either consuming art or performing the one. Though you are might be busy doing home chores or office work, at the end of the day you get some free time which is filled with a book or movie or podcasts or Netflix. All of these are artwork and essential for human to maintain sanity, nurture new ideas and learn something new.

10. The office is not that boring place

While work from home is mandatory we do miss the office environment. We always have been part of the work culture where the office is not a joyous place or one always finds a reason to have holidays. Quarantine has taught us that office, work and colleagues are an integral part of life and WFH is more difficult than relaxing.

11. The outing is a fun thing to do

As humans, we never realized the amount of freedom we had, now, when the whole world is quarantined and locked in homes. We learn to value the ability to roam on the streets freely or going out shopping or enjoying those luscious lunches. Those precious travelling fun stories are more valuable than just Instagram posts.

12. Socializing is important

Remember all those days when all of us must have cancelled the plans just because you wanted to stay home and chill. Now when we are on the other side of the situation, we understood how those small meets and greets are emotionally uplifting. Next time, grab the opportunity to celebrate life.

13. Have faith in prayers and show gratitude

Faith is the key to the human soul! While the world is filled with pain and struggles, we realized that peace and prayers are need of the hour.  The major thing quarantine has taught us is showing gratitude towards the life and appreciating each breath we can take.

14. Never take anything for granted

The best lesson corona has taught is making us understand the values of things let it be a star-bucks or malls or life.  The pandemic has given us a moment to take a short break and see through the life and blessings we have and learn to be thankful for the same. It is also time to appreciate all those who made life easy, happy and filled love! Next time when life gives you a moment, make it memorable.

The biggest lesson anyone can learn through this time is to be kind, to be nurtured, be helping hand to someone because the world needs more kindness and generosity.

Be kind and be safe!


Apr 19, 2020

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