f you are a person who is looking for ways on how to make money online, here is a list carefully curated to help you to explore ways for earning money by using your skills in difficult times:

31 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Data Entry Freelancing

Data Entry is one of the jobs that can be done online without any hassle. There are firms that look for such freelancers who can fill out their sheets with data from time to time.

They provide you the data, all you need is to fill up the excel sheet with the same data without any mistake. Yes, you need your skilled hands on MS excel to complete the task easily and on time.

2. Data Analysis for Firms

If you love to do tricks with data and have a strong hold on the same, you can start freelancing for data analysis that makes you earn a lot of money. You can take upi various projects from different firms, make your work stand out, seek recommendations and work independently.

Your conclusions, researched information and the decision-making process of the organization can do wonders.

3. Graphic Designing- Edit Videos Online

Well, if you are a person of graphics, you can choose to design for various companies. Also, if you know how to create or edit videos, you may take up projects on the same.

Precision and an eye for detail is the key for this job! Create awesome videos, designs and earn more than you can earn on a full-time job.

4. Freelance Content Writing

Do you have a knack of writing or do you have fun playing with words? Freelance content writing is the best way to earn money online, all you need is your laptop and the skill to write.

Whip some great content and sell it online or maybe you can work on the projects given by clients you made contact through various online means.

5. Freelance Marketing Consulting Business

If you have professional expertise in various niches, you can start up your consulting business online. This can turn out to be a real time job for you when the time comes with all the freedom it entails.

You need to market yourself so that people can turn up to you for advice. Start from a LinkedIn profile and build connections. A few recommendations on linkedIn can work too.

Later on, you can set up a website that describes the features and nature of your consulting business. Do not forget to post the testimonials of former clients, individuals or professionals.

6. Become an Influencer

Well, if you have a passion for music, fitness, hairstyle, makeup, sports, entertainment, etc, you can build your personal brand on Instagram, Tik Tok, twitter or any other social media platform.

Once you have a massive following, you can earn a lot of money through charging for sponsored posts, speaking gigs, create your own online store and sell products, add affiliate links in your bio, sell your photos, sell ads on your own podcast, get paid as a brand ambassador, create a book, get paid to appear at events, and more.

7. Website Designing and Developing

If you have expertise in website development, you can start earning money by helping people in making their websites. And while helping them, you can charge a substantial amount of money as per the pages you design for the website.

Next step is to build your online portfolio and improve your networking which can fetch you some long-time clients.

8. Educational Material Business

Can you create ebooks, courses, video tutorials, presentations, tips and tricks for solving mathematics problems or other education material? If yes, you can make these materials and sell them online on various platforms that offer online courses.

Also, you can create your own course online by putting the data into the simplest form so that every one can understand easily. Soon, you can be an online course portal just like other ones.

9. Online Surveys and Reviews

Several businesses run their online surveys in an exchange of a small amount of money. All you need to know is to find those businesses websites, give some basic information about yourself, fill the survey forms answering all the questions truthfully and, in the end, fill in the account details in which you wish to have money transacted.

Do not give out too much information about yourself because the website may be a scam. Watch out for deals that are too good to be true and stay away from them. Always prefer a reputed website or a company to fill out such forms.

10. Virtual Assisting

Well, if you wish to work from home, you can be a virtual assistant for any company. You may start your business or may work under a business as a remote employee. There is not much skill into being a virtual assistant but your communication skills should be strong enough!

All you have to do is make some phone calls, send emails, do some research, data entry, scheduling appointments, editing, writing, bookkeeping, marketing, blog management, proofreading, project management, graphic design, tech support, customer service, event planning, and social media management. You do not have to do all of them alone but two to three of the above mentioned.

11. Translator Jobs

Do you know a handful of languages? Well, you can earn some extra bucks if you know languages other than English!

There are several websites who require translation projects such as translation of certain documents or more. Also, many businesses require translators whenever they have a meeting with a foreign businessman who does not know their language.

12. Online Tutoring

Well, you need a good internet connection and an expertise in one or more subjects. Connect with students of all ages online and help them study.

Also, there are various websites that let you create your profile where you can put all the information and the subjects you want to teach. Through that website, students can reach out to you and from there you can tutor them in an exchange of a fee. Most websites hire you as their permanent teacher and pay you monthly for the same.

13. YouTube Vlogging- DIY or Cooking Videos

Do not have a professional camera? Who cares, when you have great content! Choose a topic which people like to hear, present it in something new and interesting manner and gain multiple views on your video. There are multiple options on the topic you would like to create a video. For example- Movie reviews, cooking videos, DIY videos, arts and crafts or more.

Shoot with your phone camera, it works fine! Remember, your content should stand out from the rest.

14. Blogging- Start a Niche Blog

Well, if you can write then you can start your own blog and earn money through it. Just follow your passion and your blog will flourish!

If you are a shutterbug, you can always click random photographs and post it online. Do not forget to watermark them! Later on, you can sell those photos to people who need to use your photos in some or the other way.

15. Podcasts- Sell your Voice for Voice-Overs

If you’ve an amazing voice, there are many portals that are looking for a dramatic yet beautiful voice that they can use in their audio drama story telling.

Nowadays, when people are too busy to read stuff, they love to hear it online. Many organizations market about their products and services through podcasts.

Why not sell your voice when you can make money through it.

16. Website and Product Testing

There are various organizations that are into the manufacture of different products and website creation. These organizations look for volunteers who can test their new websites on different mobiles or desktops in order to know the performance. Similarly, new products need to be reviewed or tested so that the organization can work on the distribution of the product.

You can apply in these firms as a tester. In this, you need to test their products according to their guidelines and you can speak your review out loud to them so that they can improve their product or website. In an exchange for this help, these organizations pay a substantial sum of money to you.

17. Enter Online Contests

Want to earn some money real fast? Online Contests are one of the mediums that can make you earn money.

There are various websites that organize different kinds of contests for people to participate. You can enroll in such online contests and earn a lot of money. Beware of scams and always participate on authority websites. Also, have PayPal or Paytm for easy receipt of the money earned.

18. Clean Up Search Engines

Cleaning up search engines is a simple task which various organizations need to get it done through a freelancer at minimum wages. You can clean up their search engines so that their identities are not disclosed on the internet.

You can work for several companies at a time to earn a handsome amount of money.

19. Maintain Artist Fan Pages

Well, there are many people who are celebrities on a smaller level yet they are too busy to handle their fan pages on various social media handles.

These people look for social media handlers to reply to their fans, post different pictures, videos and more to lure more followers as well as keep them engaged.  

19. Affiliate Marketing

Starting a blog is a new way to earn online. If there’s a niche that you are really interested in, you can write about those random stuff like movie reviews, entertainment, sports, product reviews and more.

You just need to add website links to some renowned companies and in an exchange, they might pay you if your website is running well on the internet. Various companies need such backlinks to have a strong hold in the market.

20. Sell your Photography

If you are much of a shutterbug and churn out some real great stuff from your camera, you can sell your images online on various portals.

There are many portals that buy your photo at a reasonable price and for really great stuff, you can earn a lot of money on the same.

21. Sell Your Music for Money

Well, if you are an expert in creating your own music, there are numerous places where you can sell it online.

There are various bands who love to work on new tunes and if they find any interesting notes of music, they tend to buy it in an exchange of a fair amount of money.

22. Computer Repair and Maintenance

Do you have expertise in computer repair and maintenance? Well, then what are you waiting for? Just create a website, ask for testimonials from your current clients and reach out for people online.

After when you receive a handful of orders, you can hire interns on a lesser pay, train them and ask them to do the job for you.

23. Tour Guide Service

There are various websites that offer services for tourists and travelers. These websites reach out regularly for tour guides that can help these travelers dive deep into the history of the area.

If you are a history buff and you already know everything in your city, you can apply to be a tour guide as your part time job .

24. Direct Sale Representative

Did you know? Reviewing products from different brands can also be your sideline business. You can reach various online platforms that give their products for free in an exchange of a review or recommendation on your YouTube channel, blog or social media.

Before applying for the same, you need a massive following on social media handle, blog or YouTube channel to be eligible.

25. Online Webinars  

There are companies and businesses that hire people to conduct online webinars on behalf of them. These webinars are the only source where various businesses educate people or their channel partners about their products or services.

Sometimes, these webinars are conducted for potential clients so that they can understand the product or the service in a better way.

26. Online Fitness Coach

Well, if you are into fitness and love to guide people, why not charge them? Just reach out to people on social media platforms, let them know your profile, help them get fit and back into shape, gain the trust of your clients and let them post on your behalf about their transformation story.

This could work as testimonial and you may get potential clients from all around. Slowly, you can parlay your profit into opening a health firm.

27. Life Coach

Well, there are many people who are craving to be heard. Sometimes, they need someone to talk to in the middle of the night where all they need to be heard. This is where online life coaches come in. This business works really well if you are a night owl!

You can charge the minimum in the beginning and later on when your business expands, you can charge accordingly. You can reach out to people through a website, app or social media.

28. Sell Second Hand Course Books

There are many students who are aspiring for government or competitive exams and they wish to buy second hand course books so that they do not have to spend their money on the same material.

If you can collect these used books from students through various online platforms, you can lend or sell to those students in need. Also, you can charge money in exchange for that book.

29. Drop Shipping Business

Well, this business is super easy and needs no investment from your side. You need a website from where you can collect orders from people, and send it to the sellers with the addresses where they need to deliver the orders.

You can earn money as commission for bringing those sellers the number of orders as per mutually agreed.

30. Flipping Website Business

If you know how to create a website, build it and attract followers, then you can start this business.

There are many businessmen who look for a website that already has some traffic through which they can launch their business. You can sell that website in an exchange for a handsome profit. Also, while building the website, you can earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing.

31. Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency is new but has the potential to fetch you a lot of money in the end. All you need to do is a little hard work on how you can invest smartly in cryptocurrency or buy some good coins that are going to profit you in the long run.

There are a number of ways you can earn through this. Some of them are Cryptocurrency investment (buying good coins), Cryptocurrency trading, Master node coins, Staking coins and Arbitrage trading.

Now that you have come so far, it is sure that you must have decided which skill to sell in order to earn money online.

Lastly, I would say that beware of online scams and work for those people who have prior experience and are popular so that you get paid for your hard work.

Good luck earning online!



May 5, 2020

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