he stillness within you is the mirror of your mind. Keep Calm and Continue!

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” - Deepak Chopra

As Wikipedia mentions, Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster first produced by British Government in 1939 during Second World War.

Nine decades later, and the saying is still on. We even get online applications that automatically create graphics with Keep Calm as pre-fix; all we need to do is enter the remaining half of the statement. When most classic things have faded into redundancy, what is it in this statement that still intrigues us?

We, humans, have a tendency to time-travel in thoughts. Given a set of things, we quickly assume the next sequential incidences leading to a particular result, and most of them are negative. We tend to invite or attract negativity, or fear for most dreaded and start preparing ourselves for it, mentally. And for most of the times, the thing that we dread, never happen. As soon as we arrive at a juncture, our mind starts journeying to the next, and while doing so, it starts imagining all possible roadblocks.

Keep Calm, for it helps us listen to what our heart is trying to convey. It empowers our subconscious to relay the message to our conscious self. The calm composure helps overcome the outside noise. It subsides the chaos caused within our inner self due to outside catalysts, and clears our vision.

Many anecdotes are popular: Take a deep breath, count 1 to 10, close your eyes and visualize your most favourite scene or your loved one, try to imagine the drops of water trickling down, etc. All these just to calm your mind. These may work, or you may need to find your own stimulant to create stillness within you. Ultimately, the intention is to create stillness within ourselves, to think clearly, and to act firmly.

You may ask, how does this happen?

Outside noise and chaos blurs your vision. Don’t clutter your mind with irrelevant thoughts knocking your mind. Keep it closed, remain calm, and see through better. Create a stillness within your conscious to perceive a situation better.

Consider the stillness of water in a pond. You can see your reflection in it. Likewise, when your inner self is calm and still, it can see your thoughts. You can reflect on what needs to be done and how to go about a particular situation more clearly. Undisturbed and unperturbed by outside chaos, you are able to think positively without an outside agent to affect your comprehension. Consider calmness as a booster for your cognitive abilities.

Could this be the reason why saints in ancient times isolated themselves in the Himalayas to achieve a greater sense of being? Well, we are going to keep ourselves involved in the worldly affairs; however, it might just help us achieve a greater sense of rightfulness if we awaken our deep rooted inner voice by creating a calmness within. It might just help our mind listen to our heart better.

Apr 26, 2020

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