he shine of the sun needs the fire of the sun too. While being evidence of the thousands of success stories, the person gets injected with the high dose of sparks and eventually, the sparks turn into the cold fire too. Everyone wants to be the best, but hardly people realize are they really doing the best or just wasting the potential they had been gifted with.

There’s always a difference between where you are and where you can be, this difference is the real darkness which won’t let you shine. To overcome these differences, you need to make some small changes in your daily life. No matter how small the spark of the fire is, but it does carry the ability to burn the whole forest.  Do enlighten the sparks within you to shine.

The life should be lived with all heart and dreams should be chased. Be optimistic and adopt some daily good habits like:-

1. Daily study /Be the learner /Learn every day

The day you stop being a learner, you kill your success. Not just as professional, on the personal level also, you need to keep learning always. When you challenge yourself to adopt the changes you start growing. Also, this daily learning can always make you distinct from the others. Devoting an hour to subject makes you the expert.

You don’t need to grab the whole library, watch some news, enjoy few fine TV shows or even Netflix can help you in it. Learning comes with the wisdom and knowledge, learn and make yourself bright. Be a learner, be creative!

2. Reflections and Journalizing /Observe and absorb

If you know the whole recipe for a cake, but you don’t know how to bake, there’s no point. Life is reflections of the yesterday, events, and things, people everything has something to observe and absorb. Learn to observe the things, whatever you learn, do make a summary of that or take notes.

No matter how good student you are, you will forget the lessons. So apply those learning, techniques and methods in life check the results. Make a journal, note down the good or bad things, this will help you in evolution yourself and being better you.

3. Daily walks/Exercise

You can never shine until your body is in dusky mode. We are so busy with the race of being successful that we often forget the importance of health. Make a good morning routine and include some workouts in it. Here no one is telling you to win the gymnastic Olympics, being healthy is new sexy!

You can always have a walk in the middle of work or simply stroll here and there. When you do work out or wander, it also improves your productivity along with physical benefits. These small things turn out to be thought boosters for you, and also you get a chance to see the different aspects of the world. Always have a creative walk and refreshing runs.

4. Chase your dreams

Dreams come true when you turn them into daydreams and live that reality at every second. Make your dreams habit, work on it daily even for 5 minutes but do work.  Check your progress, evaluate your journey and keep adding the elements or skill set you need to make your dream true.

Often through the surrounding like Ted talks and many other inspirational stories, we do build goals and after a week it becomes the history. The best way is to keep your dreams alive is to breathe it, working on it.

5. Be the helping hand

Helping others is an ultimate help to you! You don’t need to be Robin Hood or be the great Karna to help anybody. Sometimes most simple tasks like offering a glass of water to a courier guy, helping someone in a study and many more others. Sometimes just being a good listener or giving a smile to a stranger can help someone who’s having a really bad day.

Helping someone brings you a feeling of peace or sense of accomplishments. But there’s one more form of help, selfless help, help to those who understand humans better than humans without speaking a single word, Animals.  Whenever and wherever you can, help and save animals, perhaps someone will forget your smile, but a street dog will remember it and will reward you with a warm welcome every time.

Life isn’t a midnight miracle, to always need to burn the midnight oil to shine. Keep smiling and shining.


Apr 19, 2020

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