he corona has changed lives drastically in the last months and the whole world is either in self-isolation or quarantine. While the four walls are giving us a sense of security, but the constant increase in the number of the patients, shortage of food and terror around the world is affecting each mind. There is always another side of the coin so does of this whole quarantine situation.  Mother Nature has taught us some of the best life lessons through the corona pandemic.

When the world is fighting a battle against the carnivorous or COVID-19, the uncertainty of the pandemic or lockdown has interrupted the regular working lifestyle. As many businesses are opting for the work from home policies for their employees to preserve and protect the business as well as the world. At the same time, the whole work from home concept is new Monday blues for the many of us. Also, for those who might have experienced the same, the pandemic has made it more anxious and stress full to be best at the work.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while working from home.

1. Prepare your mind to be professional

One of the major factors that affect work from home is your mood or how you are prepared to approach the work. The office timings have subconsciously trained us at work at the perfect time or your work uniform has the special power to boost your performance. So while you are quarantined, you need to create that ‘I am working from office’ mental phase.

2. Follow your regular morning routine

Being at home often means binge-watching Netflix and having late mornings. No matter how good this will make you feel, it also continues to make you feel like you are on holiday. So make sure that you follow the same routine as you during the office days. Develop habits of waking up at the same time, checking up on your to-do list and remember hot showers & black coffee shots are a must.

3. Get dressed up

Work from home means roaming around in PJ’s and everyone loves it! However, it drastically impacts on your productivity so make sure to get dressed up. The whole getting dressed for work has psychologically linked with the working mindset and work performance. Also, being dressed means you are ready for unexpected work video calls and meeting. Ditch your PJ and get into your ‘I am all ready for work ‘shirt mood.

4. Keep health in check

Your physical health is the base of your mental health and how you feel throughout the day. As you will be stuck at the home the whole day, it is likely to be bored or not being enough productive. Start your day with light exercise and keep stretching during work breaks. Work from home also means those in between munching moments, you can do that just keep in mind that healthy food leads to better working mood.

5. Create office like ambience

The workplace is directly linked to productivity and healthy work-life. Also, many of us have a sentimental attachment to the desk or things we put there or the kind of motivation that computer wallpaper provides us. Also, you have access to all means of the goodies required to work varying from stationary, work papers, technical support and team advise. Here is a tip which will help in creating an office like ambience at home

6. Choose a place

It’s likely to get used to working from a sofa or bed in the WFM situation. Though it is in needed good feeling it will end up at laziness or inaccuracy in the work. So choose a specific place in the home where you can work daily, if you don’t have a spare room, you can choose a quiet corner of the home to set up your work station. Make sure that you work from the same place every day so that it becomes part of your work routine.

7. De-clutter

After choosing the place, the second thing you need to do is to keep the place maintained. However, working from home often means you are working by the side of the laundry piles or messy bedroom or undone dishes. Though many are not affected by it, some of us are sensitive enough and can’t operate in a mess. Also, the process of de-cluttering improves anxiety and stress issues.

8. Turn on lights

Here it’s a literal meaning to turn on the lights while working. Most people do have a habit of working with the lights off or in closed curtains; it will ruin your eyesight along with the productivity. The lights and atmosphere will help you in feeling like office and will impact on your working capabilities.

9. Set vision board

The work from home has come as an unexpected twist we were not ready for and you might feel lost for a while. So make a small vision board kick start your quarantine work projects. You can set up all short term and long term goals on that vision board for both personal and professional life, such as quarterly or monthly projects, upcoming work and new skills set you do want to learn.

10. Stick to schedule/use planner

Now, as you have a vision, it is time to divide them into daily goals and to make to-do-list for the day. There are many online planners and even calendar applications which you can use for the same and it is feasible as they come with some extra services such as reminders etc. You can also take pen and paper, old school methods and set the goals for the day.

11. Improve work

An office is also a place where you constantly learn something new or have a chance to polish the skill set. However, working from home may tend to lessen the chances of being updated with the latest changes in the field and developments. Also, work from home majorly focuses on the quality of the work so make sure to follow some basics given below.

12. Invest in quality technology

Work from home solely relies on the technology so make sure that you are well equipped for the same. There are plenty of the things you need to focus on ,such as uninterrupted Wi-Fi, good pair of the headphones better if you have the noise cancellation one and other software tools you need. Keep in mind to stick to the guideline of the organizations about the technology you can use for the work.

13. Use project management applications

The planners and to-do lists are one of the helpful tools for the work; however, there are multiple project management applications which help keep up with the work. Those applications are both web and mobile-friendly, so you can work uninterruptedly. These applications do generate productivity reports and other analytics, which will help you in deciding your work time.

14. Fixed working hours

One of the main factors in the work from home is declaring your availability for the work and in what time you will respond to emails or calls or submit the allotted work. This may sound cliché but it is an important step as you don’t want to reply emails 24*7. Also, while deciding the working hours you can analysis the productive hours and set your schedule according to it.

15. Be connected to the team

It is important to be connected with the team at the time of crises both personally and professionally. Make sure to communicate all working agendas and updates to your teammates and team leader. If you are the one who is leading the projects make sure to keep in touch with each member about their work and obstacles. It is important to prioritize communication as it highly impacts on the outcome of the projects.

16. Say no to social media

In recent times the social media has turned out to be one of the biggest distractions while working. So make sure that you do turn off all the unnecessary or personal social median notifications while working. Another thing to consider while we are in a pandemic is to avoid keeping an eye on the news while working it will not only distract you but also creates negativity which is not a healthy working sign.  

17. Set boundaries

The work from home is in a needed new but wonderful experience for everybody. However, as we are habitual for the corporate and office culture, it may make it hectic and stress full experience. It is important to set the boundaries so that you are not overworking and missing on the day to day life.

18. Take breaks

While you are working from home, you may not feel the need of taking a break from work. However, it sounds feasible, but it is not advisable. Take holiday once in a while and clean your palette and get back to work with a fresh mind. It is also important to take short breaks in between the working days such as lunch break or tea time when you can have a small walk around see the surroundings, it will increase your work appetite.

19. Create a reward system

In this hard time when there is a lot of negativity is going around it is important to be kind toward yourself. Set the reward system when for the finished tasks or for the time when you had a great working from home day. You don’t need to have extraordinary rewards, often extra cookies or gourmet meals or self-care days can help you in being motivated.

20. Turn off the work-life/ turn on regular life

When you are working from home it is hard to draw a line between work and personal life. As a result, it impacts negatively both on family and emotional level. So make sure that you turn off working mode and it does mean to avoid checking emails and taking calls too. Spend time with family, do things you like and rejuvenate you.

Apr 19, 2019

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