Complete the above sentences. Correct ‚Äď Do not return- is the right later part.However, this analogy is more than just referring to the words or the arrow. Itis about TIME. It all points towards one universal fact: Time does not reverse.

Time is more value than money. You can get more money,but you cannot get more time. -- Jim Rohn

If there is one attribute by which we areequally wealthy, it is time. We all go through same 24 hours, each day. What wemake of that time, is our choice. One can choose to crib, complain, regret, andmourn OR get up, appreciate, learn, and rejoice.

If time was a commodity, it would be aninvaluable one. We can use the time on hand to earn money, but the reverse isnot true. Time cannot be saved in a bank, cannot be multiplied, and cannot bereplenished once used.

What can be saved is the experience gainedduring the time spent. This experience, and the learning derived from it,shapes us as a human being.

So when time is so important, why waste it?Rather than using the time on hand on mundane task, spend it on worthwhile experiences.Work hard, follow your passion, exercise, be available for your dear ones ‚Äď forthese are the things that matter.

Now, what are you going to do with yourtime?



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