Beautiful Synonyms

The word 'beautiful' is beautiful indeed but using it too often can spoil its essence and make its use appear clichéd. So, if you are looking for new words to describe something very beautiful here we have compiled some of the most endearing beautiful synonyms that you can use to express something  pleasing and enchanting.


The word exquisite artistically describes something beautiful and delicate. You could use it to praise things like a dress, piece of jewelry, craftsmanship or even music.

2. Marvelous

When you find something that's extraordinarily beautiful and splendid, go ahead and use marvelous for describing it. If you are saying it aloud, say it with conviction and an expression that shows wonder to make a lasting impression on the listener.

3. Pretty

Pretty makes a pretty beautiful word when you want to describe an attractive woman or a child. Pretty could also be used to describe beautiful things as well. There are many pretty things in our nature, so you may find the word quite useful to describe cute and darling things or even people.

4. Admirable

Many things genuinely deserve our attention and respect. The word 'admirable' may bequite a beautiful word to use in this context. So, instead of using beautiful every time, why not say, "I met an admirable person", or how about appreciating someone's efforts by saying, " You did an admirable job".

5. Beauteous

Instead of saying my beautiful bride, that sounds so passé, you can make an impact by saying, "my beauteous bride", and it will appear so from the heart. Having such unique beautiful synonyms on your fingertips will come in handy when you want to impress beautiful people or admire beautiful things around you.

6. Angelic

Use of angelic sounds divine when you want to admire a beautiful face, enticing smile or a sweet voice. Keep the word on your tongue and smatter it when needed. The listener will be impressed to the core!

7. Appealing

When you meet someone attractive and interesting, you can use the word appealing instead of beautiful. So, next time someone evokes your interest or desire, call him/her appealing. It could be used to appreciate looks, sense of humor, clothes or overall personality.

8. Statuesque

When you want to admire a woman who is tall, graceful, and dignified, replace beautiful with this very impressive word. Statuesque is a very artistic word that is reminiscent of a statue in posture, size or stillness.

9. Pulchritudinous

When you want to describe a breathtakingly beautiful woman, pulchritudinous may be a word of your choice. Though it does sound like you are describing some disease or a bad attitude, it means something beyond beautiful. Let other's keep thinking, Google or use a dictionary,pulchritudinous is a great word.

10. Radiant

If you see a face that's glowing and emitting light, you cannot just use the boring and dull "beautiful"to admire their beauty. Radiant beauty like these deserves to be complimented with a special word.

11. Foxy

When you meet a physically attractive woman compliment her by saying you have "foxy eyes" or you are wearing a"foxy outfit". Women who understand this slang will surely love your flattery.

12. Divine

Praise a charming woman by calling her divine beauty. The word would suggest you want to describe her beauty as heavenly or very pleasing. Divine can also be used to describe incredibly great music or a great tasting dish.  

13. Adorable

If you meet a delightful person or a cute animal that evokes a feeling of affection or delight, adorable may be the most suited word to describe their charm.

14. Ravishing

When you want to describe a person who is unusually attractive or exceptionally beautiful, ravishing may be the most apt word. Apart from people, ravishing may be a great adjective to use for delightful music, dress, or a film.

15. Stunning

An extremely beautiful or attractive person can be best described as stunning. Make this word a part of your vocabulary because when you meet a person who leaves you speechless, stunning may come useful to praise their admirable beauty.

Be creative when you want to flatter someone or make your writing impressive by using these very alluring beautiful synonyms. Hope these words will help you impress your readers or the special ones in your life.